Albany Municipal Office Phone: (765) 789-6112 and Fax: (765) 789-6961

Albany Police Department

The Albany Police Department is located in the Northeast corner of Delaware County, IN. The department has 4 Full-Time Police Officers and 25 Reserve Officers. The Albany Police Department is dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of Albany and the surrounding areas. The Albany Police Department also participates in the Indiana Department of Homeland Security District 6 Response Task Force. Members of our Police Department are involved in both the Law Enforcement Division and the Service and Support Division of the Task Force.Town of Albany Policw


(765) 789-6151

Albany Police Department Full-Time Staff

Chief of Police: Shannon Henry
Chief Deputy of Police: Kevin Anderson
Sergeant: Shannon Fritz
Patrolman: Matt McConnell

Reserve Board President: John Coutinho
Reserve Board Vice President: Michael Pyles
Reserve Board Treasurer: Caleb Halsema
Reserve Board Secretary: Melissa Fritz

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ALBANY MUNICIPAL OFFICE | Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm | Phone: 765-789-6112 | Fax: 765-789-6961 | Mailing Address: 210 E State St Albany, IN 47320