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Building Permits

Are you planning to install a new fence or deck? Maybe you have decided to build a new garage or add a shed to the back yard. Did you realize that you need to obtain a building permit before you begin? Our permit process has changed and permit applications may be obtained in the Municipal Office or downloaded at the bottom of this page. The permit application has instructions on what information is required for each type of permit. The permit and all required information must be presented in person for approval at the Planning Commission meetings on either the 1st or 3rd Thursday of each month. Meeting dates may be found on our online calendar. The meetings start at 7pm and are held in the Town Hall, which is located in the room at the back of the Municipal Office. Parking is available behind the building.

You may now request a locate on your property through Indiana 811 via the Internet. The following link will take you to their website – You must have your property scheduled for a locate before you request a permit for construction of any kind. Allow two (2) days for utilities to be located before you start digging.

To print the Town of Albany Permit Application please click one of the links below.

PDF Document: Permit-090116
If you are requesting a sign permit, see the ordinance below for limitations and pricing.

PDF Document:2015 Sign Ordinance

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