Water Street Bridge – Memento from the past

The crew working on demolition of the Water Street bridge found a letter on August 16th from the crew that constructed the bridge in 1938-39. The letter is below and lists all the members of the original crew along with a request to publish the list if found in the future.

If any of these workers were from your family, and you have a picture of them, please send it to townofalbany@albanyin.com. We would like to honor the crew members by recognizing them. We will be posting this picture on our Facebook page also and would like family and friends of crew members to share a memory of them. If you heard any stories about the bridge construction from these crew members, please share that with us.

We would also like to request pictures of the bridge when it was new or pictures that you have with you and your family on the bridge. They may be emailed to townofalbany@albanyin.com and we will add them to this page and eventually to our history page.

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