The Post Office has lost our December billing invoice cards. They have no idea where they are or when they will be found and delivered. We have reprinted the invoices and they have been mailed. Those residents that pay their bills on the last day before shut off, had their bills sent at a different time than the lost bills. Those residents received an invoice today that had the arrears amount still showing from their Nov bill as that was the file that we had to go back to to reprint the invoices. If you have a question on what is due, you may call the office at 789-6112 or look online as described below.

Due to the delay in residents and businesses receiving their invoices, we will extend the due date until 12/19/2019.

As posted previously on Facebook, you can sign into our online billing portal and register to be able to view your account. We strongly encourage you to sign up for paperless billing so that you will receive an email with your invoice each month. You may receive an email with your invoice as well as having a hard copy mailed to you if you would like. The link to the portal is on our website home page. The box says “Pay your utility bill online”.  You may also pay your bill online from your checking account or with a credit card. There is a fee to make an online payment.