Albany Municipal Office Phone: (765) 789-6112 and Fax: (765) 789-6961


Albany Community Gardens

We are starting a Community Garden project in Albany and are planning to have four small gardens around town this summer and fall. If you are interested in helping in the garden or perhaps have knowledge that you would like to share with other gardeners, please contact Marcie Schlosser at or leave a message […]


Celebrate Independence Day with us on July 1st

We will be celebrating Independence Day on Saturday July 1st with festivities downtown, in the big park and at the ball diamond for FIREWORKS! We’ll start the day with breakfast at the corner of Broadway and State Street from 9 – 11am. Hosted by the Albany United Methodist Church & the Wright/Whitehair Families. Proceeds from […]


Mobile Basketball Goals

Mobile basketball goals should be moved back from the street. The basket and the base are not to be positioned in the town’s right of way next to the road. There is the potential for major damage to vehicles and surrounding properties if the goals are hit or become entangled with moving vehicles.


ALBANY MUNICIPAL OFFICE | Office hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm | Phone: 765-789-6112 | Fax: 765-789-6961 | Mailing Address: 210 E State St Albany, IN 47320