Keeping our community safe for over a 100 years.

The Albany – Delaware Township Fire Department is located in the Northeast corner of Delaware County. The department covers the Town of Albany, portions of Niles Township, Richland Township, and Green Township. The department averages approximately 300 calls per year and provides Fire, Rescue, and Medical First Responder (BLS Non-Transport) protection to approximately 2,800 residents in their immediate response jurisdiction. The Albany – Delaware Township Fire Department provides Automatic Aid response with Hamilton Township Fire, Parker City Fire, and Liberty Township Fire.

The Albany – Delaware Township Fire Department has a training facility used to train our firefighters and is used by other fire departments as well. The training facility is used for hose advancement, search and rescue, ventilation, incident command, and auto extrication. For questions about State Certification Courses and Continued Education Training, please contact us at or by calling 765-789-6390 and leave a message for Captain Cory Kissick.

The Albany – Delaware Township Fire Department bills for services on structure fires, vehicle fires, and auto accidents. If you have any billing questions, please contact us at or by calling 765-789-6390 and leave a message for Chief Caleb Halsema. Copies of Fire Reports are $5.00 and must be paid to the Albany Town Clerks office prior to picking up the report.

Facebook Page:

214 E. State St.
Albany, Indiana 47320


Command Staff:
Fire Chief – Caleb Halsema
Assistant Chief – Cory Kissick
Captain – Kevin Kimmerling
Captain – Brad Smith
Lieutenant – Branden Scott
Lieutenant – Logan Norris

Firefighting Staff:
Claude Reffett                     Derek Mays
Zach Pitser                           Gene Schneider
Rick Freiburger                   Mark Dodds
Felina Freiburger                Bailey Terrell
Levi Pitser                            Logan Norris
Erret Hughes                       James Daniels
Jacob Stout                          Joshua Schroeder
Michael Daniels                  Nathan Daniels
Brent Headland                  Lane Anderson


Reserve Firefighting Staff:
Jerry Scott  Shannon Henry
Kevin Anderson  Shannon Fritz
John Coutinho

2015 Albany Volunteer Fire Department

Front Row Left to Right:
Alex McCormick, Kevin Kimmerling, Jerry Scott, Matt Mays, Claude Reffett, Shannon Henry

Back Row Left to Right:
Caleb Halsema, Nate Smith, Connie McVicker, Kyle Brooks, John Coutinho, Derek Mays, Matt McGraw, Jim Bratton, Brad Smith, Shannon Fritz

2015 Albany Fire Dep

1978 Albany Fire Department

Front row from left:
Don (Pedro) Evans, Wayne Oakley, Don Jarvis, Jim Greg, Al Orr, Tom Fletcher (Secretary), Robert Lewis, Jack Mitch (Chief), Ron Klarer

2nd row from left:
Mike Oakley, Bernie Schlosser, Benny Chambless, Larry Epperson, Chris Zehner, Gary Beal, Steve Young, Steve Bishop, Bob Braun, Eddie Lewis

3rd row from left
Rick Bishop, Bobby Lewis, Al Klarer, John Shank, Elmer Shank, Gary Phillips, Steve Blackburn, Rick Myers, Harry Wright

1955 Albany Fire Department

Front Row:
Jim Gregg, Lafe Shank, Dale Morgan, Buck Moore (Police Chief), John Gregg, Loran Edwards, Ed Meranda, Harold Miller, Joe Livengood (Fire Chief)

Back Row:
Tom Saunders, Layton Doster, Max Reitenour, Al Klarer, Elmer Shank, Don (Pedro) Evans, Wilbur Lehman, Robert Dennis, Homer Selvey, Charles Brammer

1929 Albany Fire Department

Left to right:
1 – ?,
2 – Lafe Shank,
3 – ?,
4 – Paul Bishop,
5 – Bell Hultz,
6 – Art Evans,
7 – Walter A. Strong,
8 – “Buck” Moore,
9 – ?,

10 – Leroy Ayers,
11 – Fred Strong,
12 – “Juice” Hanaberry,
13 – Cecil St. John,
14 – Earl Kearns,
15 – Ralph Shaw,
16 – “Wic” Westervelt,
17 – Cliford Barrett,
18 – Jimmy Furrow

1910 Albany Fire Department

Left from the left:
Lafe Shank
Earl Kerns
Loyd Westerfelt
John Hines
Blese Burgess

Middle from the left:
George Benedum
Charles Spoars
Harry Miller
Everrett Godman
Carl Swanders

Right from the left:
Arthur Strong
Chester Hanaberry
Herb NiBarger
Bill Chalk
Hull Wilson
Roby Bond